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Zobo Zurfing

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The idea is simple, get the 5 Zubos on each level from one side of the sound wave to the other. Move your mouse above or below the sound wave, hold down your mouse to build up power and release to explode a sound bomb. The sound bombs affect the sound wave and fling your Zubo in the air. Make sure you collect the keys along the way or you won't be able to exit the sound wave on the right. Remember, you may have to explode sound bombs above and below the sound wave to get them! But there are evil Zombos out to get you and deadly spike Blox to avoid. Time your jumps to miss the bad stuff and don't forget , you can fling the Zombos around too! Each leve has a time limit and the faster you cross, the more points you get. You can get extra bonus point by collecting as many musical notes as you can.

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Use mouse to interact.